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Leader Lessons Chapter 1

Title: Leader Lessons
Pairing: Onew/Leeteuk, mentions of others later.
Rating: PG to NC-17 (PG this chapter)
Summary: Leeteuk knew it was his job to protect Onew from Heechul and Zhou Mi.



            It was during SM Town that it all started. Leeteuk never imagined that things would become so complicated or that he would ever have that kind of a relationship with someone else again. But leave it up to Heechul and Zhou Mi to change everything.

            “Hyung! Look!” Heechul was tugging on the leader’s sleeve and pulling him towards the monitor that was currently showing SHINee’s live performance of Lucifer.

            “What is it? You know that we’re supposed to be getting ready. We go on in half an hour and Henry can’t find his pants! I have more important things to worry about right now, Heechul.” It wasn’t that Leeteuk didn’t like the other group or that he didn’t want to watch. It was his job as the leader to make sure that everything and everyone was taken care of.

            “You need to see it! It’s only going to take a second.” Zhou Mi chimed in, grabbing onto his other wrist and helping Heechul move their leader towards the monitor.

            “I don’t see what’s so important. It’s just Onew-sshi. It’s not like we’ve never seen him before.” Leeteuk tried to wrench his arms away from his bandmates in an effort to find the missing pair of trousers. They couldn’t very well go on with one of them half-dressed.

            “No. Look.” Zhou Mi grinned and pointed to the screen, making sure that Leeteuk was looking at what they were really trying to show him.

            Leeteuk was speechless as he stared for a moment, his cheeks instantly heating up in a fierce blush. Why on earth would they point that out? They were supposed to be Sunbae to the younger ones, not predators!

            “Who knew he was packing like that? Maybe we should try to get a closer look. What do you say, Mi-Mi?” Heechul grinned over at his friend, knowing full well that it would scandalize their precious leader.

            “Don’t you dare! Those boys are off limits to you.” Leeteuk made sure to shoot them a look as he shouted at them, stomping his foot at them for good measure. Heechul was trouble, and if you added Zhou Mi in there, god knows what would happen.

            The younger boys just stared at Leeteuk for a moment, not really sure what to say to that. They could tell that he was angry, but then again, did it really matter to them? Of course not. There was a pretty little dongsaeng that looked too clueless to do anything to stop them from investigating. Hell, Heechul figured he could get him naked without Onew realizing that something was out of the ordinary.

            “But Teukkie… It’s not like he’s underage like Taemin. It’s not illegal.” Heechul all but whined as he pulled on the sleeve of Leeteuk’s white blazer.

            “I told you no, and I mean it. If I catch you so much as looking at him inappropriately… Well I’ll come up with something.” The leader’s gaze was threatening, but the two younger men didn’t exactly look intimidated. Leeteuk paid them no mind and turned on his heel, going back into leader mode and helping the young Canadian find his pants. How they ended up on Sungmin’s rack, he would probably never know.

            Regardless of the threats he spouted off earlier, Heechul and Zhou Mi were off in their own little corner, plotting how they would get the young leader of SHINee alone. Leeteuk was too busy checking last minute details to notice, something that would come to bite him in the ass later, whether he knew it or not.

            Everything went as planned for their performance. Henry had his pants, everyone’s makeup and hair were fine, and nobody got a tongue lashing from the coordi-noonas. Though Leeteuk’s biggest happiness came from the fact that Heechul hadn’t kissed anyone, and Onew remained out of their direct vicinity. The leader knew the kind of damage they could do to that boy, and that was certainly one thing he didn’t need to worry about on top of everything else.

            Unfortunately his happy little bubble was quickly burst when all of the artists came out at the same time and were conversing and laughing with one another. His eyes darted around to check on the other members of his group. Everything seemed fine until his eyes landed on where the boys of SHINee were standing. Heechul and Zhou Mi moved fast and were already on either side of Onew. One of them had an arm around his shoulder while the other had managed to snake an arm around that slender waist as the younger leader just smiled and laughed causelessly. He was so innocent, and Leeteuk decided that it was his job to save him from the clutches of his not-so-pure band mates.

            Leeteuk was glad that there were no cameras on him at the moment, and took that as his opportunity to wind his way through the crowd. It didn’t take long, and soon he was pulling those hands away that were starting to move lower on the younger man’s torso. Both of the men on either side of Onew pouted fiercely at their leader, Heechul even going as far as putting his hands on his hips. Of course, Leeteuk ignored them and took Onew by the shoulders, moving him to the side a bit and wedging himself between the lecherous men and the clueless leader.

            “Leeteuk-hyung, is everything ok?” Onew finally spoke when he felt the older brunette pulling him away from the others. He even had his head tilted to the side slightly, and Leeteuk swore that it was just like something out of a comic book.

            “Everything’s fine, Onew-sshi. Why don’t we go over here and talk. I’m sure there’s something I could help you with. I know that being the leader is a difficult job.” He offered Onew a smile, saying the first thing that came to his mind. Luckily for Leeteuk it was something that made sense, earning him a toothy grin from the man he was holding on to.

            “I don’t know if we can talk much here. It’s a little loud.” Leeteuk had to admit that he looked adorable with that silly smile on his face. Leave it up to Onew to point out the obvious.

            “Well then how about we go get coffee or something sometime?” Anything to make it seem natural. He didn’t want to alert the other to the fact that he was trying to protect him. He didn’t know what Onew would think if he knew what Heechul and Zhou Mi wanted to do to him.

            Leeteuk didn’t even realize that he was still holding onto the younger man until he began to speak again. A bright blush came to his cheeks and he let those hands fall to his sides, looking rather adorably embarrassed.

            “How about chicken?” There was a light in his eyes when he mentioned his favorite food to the older leader, obviously thinking nothing of the way that Leeteuk had been holding onto him. The older of the two vaguely wondered how anyone could be so lost in their own little world, but that thought was pushed away by the need to respond.

            “Sure. Chicken would be good. I’ll call you and we can figure something out.” Leeteuk smiled at him and pulled out his phone, quickly exchanging numbers and glancing up at the two a few feet away from him. He sighed softly when he saw the way they were devouring the smiling boy with their eyes.

            Teukkie knew that this was going to be quite the job.


Tags: fanfiction, leader lessons, rating: pg, sara is my yeobo, shinee: onew, sj: heechul, sj: leeteuk, sj: zhou mi
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