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Leader Lessons 2

Title: Leader Lessons Chapter 2
Pairing: Onew/Leeteuk, Ninja!2Min, Ninja!Hanchul, mentions of others later.
Rating: PG to NC-17 (PG this chapter)
Summary: Leeteuk knew it was his job to protect Onew from Heechul and Zhou Mi.
Chapter 1

A/N: This is for my Yeobo, rudeminnesotan, because she is amazing and comes up with the best ideas. Not to mention that we both have the same biases and she's helping me write this :3

Leetuek knew that he couldn’t go too long before calling Onew. It was too dangerous to let Heechul and Zhou Mi have more time to think of new ways to defile the younger boy. For all he knew, they had already concocted dozens of ideas when it came to that, and he wasn’t willing to just step back and let that happen.

            He knew that it would only remain awkward for a moment after he dialed the number and they got through the necessary greetings, but Leeteuk was still hesitant. It wasn’t like they were going on a date, and that’s exactly what he told himself that finally made him pick up his phone and dial the other’s number.

            “Hello? Is that you, Leeteuk-hyung?” Came the cheery greeting on the other end of the line. Leeteuk immediately forgot about being nervous and smiled at the phone.

            “Hello Onew-sshi. How is everything?” It only seemed natural that he would ask something like that. After all, he didn’t want to be rude or give the wrong impression. That was one of the things that worried Leeteuk the most.

            “I was just telling Key and Minho-ah that you invited me to go for chicken. They both seem really jealous. Of course, I would be too if I wasn’t the one going.” The excitement was evident in Onew’s voice as he revealed this information to his elder. Teukkie didn’t know why, but it somehow made him happy, even if he was just excited about the chicken.

            “How about we go on Thursday? Do you have a schedule then?” There was shuffling on the other end of the phone as Onew pulled out his date book and looked through the things scribbled there.

            “I can go after three. Star Golden Bell is filming, but that’s usually when we get finished. I’ll have to check with our manager, but that should be fine.” Onew didn’t even care that he would be incredibly tired by the end of it. Chicken was worth it.

            “How about I come pick you up around five then?” Leeteuk answered, making a note in his planner as well. He had already discussed it with his manager, so everything was fine on his end. Five was just the right time to go out in his estimation. It would give Onew time to get ready and allow for extra time he would probably need to find their dorm. There was no way in hell he was going to bring Onew back to theirs, that was for sure.

            “Five sounds good, Hyung. I’ll text you the address.” Onew figured it would be easier to do it that way. After all, he didn’t want Teukkie to get lost the way he did the first time he ventured out.

            “Alright. I will see you then. Take care, Onew-sshi.” Leeteuk smiled into the phone again.

            “You too, Hyung! Bye!” The younger man still sounded excited as he said farewell. It was like a dream come true! Free chicken!

            After he finished with his conversation, Onew was met with a look of curiosity and quite possibly envy from Key. Minho had somehow vanished, but there was the faint sound of voices coming from his bedroom. Onew figured that he and Taemin were busy with something and decided to turn his attention back to the man in front of him.

            “Is something wrong, Umma?” The boy gave his friend one of his famous air-headed smiles, not completely understanding the way the other was looking at him.

            “Since when did you and Leeteuk-sunbaenim become so close?” Key had resorted to crossing his arms in front of him, weight shifted to one hip.

            “Eh? I told you. It was right after Heechul and Zhou Mi sunbaenims were talking to me at our last performance together. He wants to help me be a good leader.” Onew still hadn’t caught on to the implications of going out to dinner with another man. Not that there was anything besides friends sharing dinner in this instance, but many people would assume otherwise.

            “If you say so. Have fun on your date, hyung.” Key retorted, eyebrow raised. There was definitely something strange about this, and Key decided that he was going to figure it out. It wasn’t everyday that the infamously shy and easily embarrassed Leeteuk would ask someone as clumsy and embarrassing as Onew out to dinner, after all.


            Luckily for both of them, Leeteuk’s manager was alright with him leaving for a while on that day. He figured that it would be a nice break for the always harried leader, and a good way to build camaraderie amongst the label.

            Leeteuk made sure to leave their dorm by 4:15, telling everyone that he was going to run some errands. He felt bad about lying to them, but he knew that if Heechul and Zhou Mi knew what he was up to, they would either try to tag along or follow the pair on their excursion. Luckily for him, the pair had no idea what he was doing. He had made sure to hide his date book and enter Onew’s number in under a different name. Leeteuk didn’t put it past his bandmates to take his phone when he wasn’t paying attention and cause all sorts of mischief.

            It took the older man longer than he had hoped to find the dorm, but on the other hand, it was probably good for the security of the other group. Leeteuk was surprised how fast the door flew open after he rang the bell. It was clear that Onew had been waiting for him, his bright smile saying everything.

            “Yah! Who’s here, hyung?” Key’s voice could be heard in the background, footsteps drawing closer. The diva of the group smirked lightly when he realized who had come to their home. Not that anyone caught it, mind you. Leeteuk was busy stepping out of the way and Onew was as oblivious as ever.

            “Key-sshi, make sure that Taeminnie gets his homework done. I don’t want to get yelled at again by his umma.” Onew smiled dumbly at his friend before pulling the door closed, not even waiting for an answer.

            “Are you sure it was alright for you to leave like that?” Leeteuk asked as the two of them began to walk towards the nearest place that served fried chicken. If course he was implying in the nicest way possible that Key was known for being a little higher maintenance than your usual guy.

            “Eh? Oh, Key-ah will be fine. He’s just jealous that I get to eat chicken and he doesn’t.” There was that same empty-headed answer as before.

Leeteuk honestly wondered how he could behave like that so easily. Was everything really that simple to him? Maybe he had been hanging around Heechul too long and his perception of things had changed. Either way, the older leader shook his head, trying to rid himself of those thoughts.

“Just remember that a good leader makes sure that there is as little tension among the group as possible. It’s your job to try and keep everything as calm as possible.” Leeteuk went right back into leader mode, but he figured that he should keep up the façade as long as he could. After all, that’s what he said he was here for.

“There aren’t ever really fights… Well except when Minho and Taeminnie are being too loud playing their games and Key gets angry. Is there something I can do about that?”

Leeteuk laughed softly and pulled the door open for them when they finally reached their destination. Oh, if life at the Super Junior dorms could only be so simple. Though just looking at it by numbers, it was easy to see why it would be all the more complicated.

“Well if it’s because they’re being too loud with games, I think the easiest thing to do would be to ask them to keep it down.” Thank you Captain Obvious.

“I tried that, but Minnie doesn’t know how to stop screaming like a girl. They even lock their door so we can’t get in. Sometimes it even sounds like they’re jumping on the bed.” Onew’s brows furrowed a bit as he spoke before he returned to his cheerful expression.

Leeteuk, of course, knew exactly what kind of games they were playing, and it caused him to flush to a pretty shade of pink. He had to deal with similar situations all the time, and god knows when Heechul and Han Geng were together, they were the loudest of them all.

“Maybe it’s better if you tell them to play only when nobody else is home.”

After all, the last thing Leeteuk wanted to do was ruin Onew’s innocence.


Tags: fanfiction, leader lessons, rating: pg, sara is my yeobo, shinee: key, shinee: onew, sj: leeteuk
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