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Draped in Elegance

Title: Draped in Elegance - Chapter 4
Pairing: KyuMin, eventual EunHae
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Summary: Everything seems to be happening incredibly quickly, and Sungmin is doing his best just to keep up.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

A/N: It's been forever since I updated this, and I apologize for that. Everything has gotten incredibly busy, and this had been partially finished and sitting in my documents for months, and I finally was able to finish this update. I hope not everyone has forgotten about it. I can't say when another update will come, but it shouldn't take nearly as long as this one has. Please enjoy~
P.S. I have a drawing turned photoshop painting that I will finally be able to post after the next chapter or two that I've been looking forward to sharing, so hopefully that will give me the motivation I need to catch up ^^

Thank you to Amber for being my beta <3 

Sungmin’s fingers scrabbled for purchase on the slick edge of the porcelain tub, head spinning as he tried to keep up with everything Kyuhyun’s touch was doing to him. It was astounding, really; nobody had ever been able to give him exactly what he craved, even when it was spelled out for them. But Kyuhyun had come in like a whirlwind and swept him away into a seemingly unending torrent of longing and desire.

There was no gentleness in the press of Kyuhyun’s fingers, or concern for the dark bruises that would follow, but there was an underlying tenderness that Sungmin unknowingly yearned for. Kyuhyun wanted him, and not because he was the crowned prince, or for the wealth he would one day possess. It was Sungmin himself – the side that he had kept hidden from the world – that Kyuhyun wanted.

Even though it was only the second time that Kyuhyun had held him, there was a feeling of familiarity in the way that Kyuhyun treated him. Each motion was measured, but there was a wildness, a passion there that Sungmin found himself falling into without thought.

“Let yourself go,” Kyuhyun whispered, breathless against the shell of Sungmin’s ear. Sungmin could feel the slight tremor of Kyuhyun’s arms around him, and the fact that he was the one that had reduced such a confident man to such a state had pride fluttering in his chest, and a smile pulling at his lips until he finally came undone. A shudder wracked through him along with his release, and Sungmin could only tremble when Kyuhyun’s lips descended on his shoulder.

“You really are breathtaking,” Kyuhyun sighed after a moment, grasping Sungmin’s chin and claiming his lips in a tender kiss. “My beautiful, sweet prince.”

“You really are quite the charmer, Kyuhyun.” Sungmin chuckled softly when he had managed to catch his breath, turning carefully and looping his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck. “Should I be worried about meeting your family?”

“There is no reason for you to be fearful.” Sungmin didn’t expect the almost shy smile Kyuhyun gave him, but the thudding it caused in his chest was even more startling. “I wish I could keep you to myself, but I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t present you properly.”

Sungmin would have been content to lounge around in the warm, soapy water with Kyuhyun for the rest of the afternoon, but a barely audible knock on the door cut their time short. Sungmin’s eyes followed Kyuhyun’s form as he stepped out of the water and answered the door with nothing more than a towel around his waist, and couldn’t help the heat he felt rushing to his cheeks. He had never seen someone behave so improperly, and there was something oddly arousing about it.

There was a quiet exchange between Kyuhyun and another man, but Sungmin was more concerned with keeping his nakedness hidden from view than he was with listening to whatever they were talking about, so he had no idea what was being discussed. It was made more clear, however, when Kyuhyun came walking back and bent at the waist to press a kiss to Sungmin’s temple once the door was latched.

“As perfect and inviting as you look, it is my misfortune to inform you that my parents are expecting us within the hour. But don’t think you’re getting away from me tonight.” Kyuhyun grinned and Sungmin swallowed thickly, goose bumps breaking out across his skin. Normally Sungmin would have no problem meeting people, but the thought that he was meeting the parents of the man that wanted them to spend the rest of their lives together was enough to set the prince on edge. Respect was something he had been given without thought until that moment ; the fear of rejection had never crossed his mind in all his life. “Don’t make that face, everything will be just fine.”

“I’m not making a face.” He hadn’t even realized that he was pouting, but the fact that Kyuhyun had called him out on it had more color rising in his cheeks. Sungmin didn’t expect Kyuhyun’s hands pulling him out of the water or the plush towel being wrapped around his shoulders before he was lifted and carried toward the bedroom by the taller man and it caused the smaller man to squirm and whine in his arms. “I’m not a child. You don’t need to carry me.”

“Of course I don’t need to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to.” Kyuhyun replied with a chuckle, dropping Sungmin onto the bed unceremoniously. Sungmin looked perfectly disheveled and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but grin and lean in to steal another kiss. “You look too cute when you’re pouting like that, so be sure that I’m the only one that gets to enjoy it.”

“I am not cute!” Sungmin shouted, glaring at the other man who just started laughing again. For years, he had been labeled as ‘cute’ and it was something that Sungmin hated it. He was sure that he had stopped behaving in such a way, but apparently he was mistaken.

It had been near impossible to focus on making himself look like the proper prince he was with the smooth expanse of Kyuhyun’s back and the smirks thrown over his shoulder to distract him, and all Kyuhyun seemed to do was laugh at Sungmin’s lack of concentration. Thankfully, he had managed to pull together some semblance of self-control and before he knew it, Kyuhyun was fastening that same sapphire brooch to his cravat for him.

“It suits you well,” Kyuhyun commented, smiling almost innocently as he brushed some of the ebony strands from Sungmin’s eyes. His gaze was mesmerizing, and the underlying adoration Sungmin found there had the shorter man leaning in and stealing a gentle kiss of his own. He was almost surprised when the hand that Kyuhyun laid on his waist didn’t move, but it still had him pulling back with a pretty pink flush to his cheeks. “Come now, beautiful. We mustn’t keep them waiting.”

Sungmin nodded along shyly and glanced once more to the mirror before allowing Kyuhyun’s gentle hand on the small of his back to maneuver him out the door and down a dimly lit stone corridor. The light of the candles flickering and the slight draft crawled up Sungmin’s spine and had the hairs at the back of his neck standing on end until Kyuhyun pulled him closer and pressed a kiss to his temple; he was curious how a simple touch could cause a sense of comfort to settle into him effortlessly.

“Just relax. Nothing is going to happen to you.” Kyuhyun urged, giving Sungmin’s waist a gentle squeeze. “This isn’t anything you aren’t used to. Maybe I should be grateful that you’re already well suited to being royalty, hmm?”

“What does me being a prince have to do with meeting your parents?” Sungmin replied, stopping in his tracks and turning to look up at Kyuhyun directly. The interior of Kyuhyun’s bedroom had been decorated with the finest silks and linens, and everything he had seen was of the quality he himself had been accustomed to, but he had thought nothing of it until that moment.

“Oh yes, I suppose I forgot to mention our lineage.” Kyuhun said with a small laugh, straightening up and smiling at his new lover. “I am from one of the oldest families, so I suppose you could say I am the vampire version of a human prince. You will want for nothing, Sungmin.”

There hadn’t been much that had been able to render Sungmin speechless, but Kyuhyun seemed to be finding quite a few of them. As if Kyuhyun not being human wasn’t enough, now he was royalty? Though it did explain his personality and confidence, if nothing else.

“Kui Xian, your mother is asking for you.” A third voice broke the silence and Sungmin turned to find the source, only to come face to face with the same man that had spoken to Kyuhyun earlier when they were in the bath. Beauty that rivaled Kyuhyun’s, a wide smile, perfectly styled crimson hair, and the longest legs Sungmin had ever seen greeted him, along with an extended hand. “You must be the prince Kui Xian has been speaking of. Sungmin, is it? My name is Zhou Mi.”

“Zhou Mi is the head of our staff here. If there’s anything you need, just tell him.” Kyuhyun informed him, ushering Sungmin into the dining hall after Zhou Mi had released his hand. “You’ll have to excuse us, you know how my mother can be. I’m sure you two will become well acquainted quickly.”

Everything happened fast enough that Sungmin had become slightly disoriented, and before he realized it, he was standing in front of one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. Sungmin was sure that he had a rather dumbfounded expression on his face when Kyuhyun nudged him, and the dark-haired woman began to laugh softly. So much for poise and princely charm.

“Oh Kyuhyun darling, he’s simply beautiful. I’m so happy you finally managed to bring him home with you.” She said with a dazzling smile, pulling Sungmin’s hands into her own, the white rabbit trim of her sleeves brushing over his wrists. “It’s lovely to meet you, Sungmin. I am Kyuhyun’s mother, Sooyoung. Please, come sit; my husband and son will be joining us shortly.”

“Aww, Kyuhyunnie, you finally tricked him into coming with you.” Another young man entered, and Sungmin was surprised that Kyuhyun didn’t retaliate when his cheek was pinched. He guessed that this was his brother but with how young Kyuhyun’s mother looked, he couldn’t be sure of anything anymore. Even with his hand on Kyuhyun’s face, the young man turned to face Sungmin and flashed him one of the most charming and disarming smiles he had ever been witness to. “My name is Donghae, this little brat’s older brother. Just come to me if he ever treats you poorly and I’ll take good care of you, Sungminnie.”

“Yah! Just because you can’t find your blood mate doesn’t mean that you can try to steal mine!” Kyuhyun nearly shouted, losing the composure he always seemed to have around Sungmin. It was quite the sight, if he were to be honest. “Don’t you dare lay your hands on him, hyung.”

“You never could take a joke.” Donghae replied with a laugh, ruffling Kyuhyun’s hair and taking his seat at the large dining table laid out with beautiful china, silver and crystal. Sungmin’s eyes traveled back to Kyuhyun, and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling at the sight that greeted him.

“You don’t have to worry, Kyuhyun. I can barely handle you, so why would I even think about looking at anyone else?” Sungmin assured him quietly, smoothing out the hair that Donghae had ruffled up. Kyuhyun’s angered expression seemed to relax a bit, and before Sungmin knew it, that damned smirk was back to replace it.

“He wouldn’t be able to make you scream the way I can, either.” Kyuhyun practically purred as he leaned in, lips mere centimeters from Sungmin’s ear. Sungmin’s eyes grew to nearly the size of saucers and heat exploded in his cheeks when he caught the knowing look Donghae shot him. How could one man be so charming one minute and improper the next?

“Kyuhyun. Behave yourself in your mother’s presence. What you do behind closed doors is none of our business, but when you are in our company, you will act like a gentleman.” Another unfamiliar voice caused the young vampire to stiffen and pale noticeably, and Sungmin suddenly felt a chill running up his spine. If there was someone that could garner a reaction like that from the brunet, he had to be someone utterly terrifying.

However, when Sungmin turned, he was met with a kind smile – complete with dimples and crinkles at the corners of his eyes. How so many beautiful people managed to congregate in one place was beyond him.

“A-ah… Hello father.” Kyuhyun stuttered, standing up straight and moving the hand that had slowly been creeping towards Sungmin’s behind to a more appropriate position at the small of his back. “This is Sungmin. Sungmin, this is my father, Si- ”

“Please, call me father, Sungmin.” The taller man interrupted, reaching out and grasping both of Sungmin’s hands in his own. Sungmin vaguely wondered if that was where Kyuhyun got the habit of touching him all the time from. “Nothing makes me happier than knowing our little Kyuhyun has found his bloodmate.”

“I-it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.” Sungmin finally managed to say when his brain decided to work properly. Where had the intimidating man with the ominous voice disappeared to?

“Siwon darling, don’t frighten the poor boy. I’m sure Kyuhyun has put him through more than enough for one day. You can baby him another time.” Sooyoung chided softly, motioning her husband over to his place at the head of the table. “Sungmin dear, please have a seat. I’m sure you’re starving.”

Sungmin could only nod dumbly as Kyuhyun led him to one of the unoccupied chairs at the table. He was used to uncomfortable silences and awkward dinners with people he didn’t know, but this was completely different. The atmosphere was far more relaxed than any dinner he had attended with even his own family. It was as if everyone was friends with one another, rather than feeling as if there was someone watching your every move and simply waiting to correct any mistake you were apt to make.

A hand on his shoulder pulled Sungmin out of his thoughts and caused the young prince to jump in his chair slightly. To his surprise, only Kyuhyun was looking at him, and there was a gentle smile on his face.

“Don’t look so worried, beautiful. They already adore you, even if my brother is acting like a lecherous bastard.” Kyuhyun whispered next to his ear before placing a soft kiss to his temple. The blatant affection had blood rushing to Sungmin’s cheeks, and he looked away when Donghae caught his eye and grinned in his direction. If there was any doubt in his mind that the two men were related before, it was erased after a wink that earned Donghae a kick in the shin from his younger brother. “Just ignore him.”

“So Kyuhyunnie,” Sooyoung started, earning a wince from her youngest son and a chuckle from her oldest, “when will the blood binding be done?”

“We um. Haven’t decided that yet. I want to give Sungmin time to adjust to everything before that happens.” Kyuhyun replied quietly, blushing ever so slightly and glancing over at Sungmin who stared back dumbly. Apparently Kyuhyun lost some of that self-confidence and arrogance around his parents and changed into a shyer version of himself.

“I suppose that is for the best. The poor thing looks completely overwhelmed.” The woman said with a nod, glancing over at Sungmin and offering up a motherly smile. “Please don’t feel shy, Sungmin. You’re family now and Kyuhyun will take care of you. I’ll make sure of it.”

There was a small glint of something in her eye he had caught multiple times while looking at Kyuhyun as she assured him. It was almost menacing but comforting at the same time. There was no real way to describe it, and all he could do was the same thing he had been doing a lot of lately; nodding dumbly.

There was definitely no chance that his life was ever going to return to what he had thought to be normal again.


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